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Application android pour les feuilles d'équipe

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Application android pour les feuilles d'équipe

Message  oli le Lun 10 Mar 2014, 23:10

LINK TO GOOGLE STORE -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=versiona.bbowlfantasymanager

Currently, there are many applications of Blood Bowl which offer assistance rolls, interceptions or playbooks. But I have not found anything to help with the most important for a coach to play league, take your team in hand with all its features and increases the players.

Bbowl Fantasy Manager is a project by a Blood Bowl coach (currently in a league with SLANN team) and helped by his colleagues / rivals in the league.

The application is in Beta and is updated with the most needed improvements in the league. What better than a league of 14 participants to try this app? Allows:

1 Add all teams in the 6th edition (including Khorne, Slann, Chaos Pact and Underworld)

2 Team Monitoring
Allows purchase medic, Re-Rolls, Fan Factor, coach’s assistants, cheerleaders and treasury. Modifying at the time the team rating.
Creating your dorsal positional and further editing.
Possibility of sharing the team via email, WhatsApp and other applications.

3 Control Player, both the ups and customization.
Displaying the name, attributes, and experience rating.
Attach player’s photo for further customization.
Learn skills with normal or double roll.
Uploaded by Bonus table touchdowns, passes, injuries, interceptions and most value player.

The application is free with payment of the Advanced Internal version.

Free version:
- 4 teams creation.
- Edit team name and players
- Manage doctor, cheerleaders, fan factor ...

PRO Version:
- Unlimited Teams.
- Upgrade of attributes, experience, and evaluation of players.
- Player’s customization.
- Passes, touchdowns, fouls, interception and injuries control.
- Share the equipment.
- Create team sheet in Excel

Coming soon

- Synchronization between devices.
- Creating and send the match sheet.
- Rolls dice.

LINK TO GOOGLE STORE -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=versiona.bbowlfantasymanager

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