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Cheesebowl 20 et 21 septembre 2014 Lucerne

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Cheesebowl 20 et 21 septembre 2014 Lucerne

Message  oli le Mer 04 Juin 2014, 11:05

We are proud to present the 4th Cheese Bowl.  As part of this year's Games Day in Lucerne, we will organize a 2-Day Blood Bowl Tournament on the 20./21. of September 2014

Important Information:

Date: 20./21. of September 2014 
Location: Paulusheim in Lucerne
Travel: about 1 hour from Zürich with the public transport
Homepage: Cheese]www.hellhound.ch/cheesebowl

Costs: CHF 25 per Person (+ CHF 10 NAF Fee for non-Members)
Catering: Food and drinks are offered at the Games Day for a fair price.
Timetable: see homepage, 3 games saturday, 3 sunday
Prices: Cheese Bowl Champion (Winner), Runner Up (2. Place), Tätschmeischter (most Casualties), 3-Käsehoch (most Touchdowns)
Participants: Up to 36 participants
Sign up: Email to me (lex.bucher@gmail.com) with NAF name, NAF Nick, City, phone number and email


- We play with the CRP (Competition Rule Pack from Games Workshop) including Slann, Chaos Pact und Underworld
- TV 110
- Skills on day 1:
Tier 3: (Goblins, Ogre, Halflings) 5 Skills (3 normals, 2 doubles)
Tier 2: (Humans, Chaos, Chaos Pact, Nurgle, Underworld, Khemri, Slann, Vamps, Elves, high Elves) 5 skills (4 normals, one double)
Tier 1: (All other races) 3 normal skills
- Skills on day 2: 3 normal skills
All skills need to be assigned to different players
- 1. Round is random, after that the swiss system is applied (1 vs 2. etc.)
- Victory 4 points, tie 2 points, loss with 1 TD difference 1 point, other loss 0 points. 
- Tiebreaker is net TD + 1/2 net casualties (A free win would be counted as 2:0 TD und 2:0 cas)
- The 4 minute rule as well as illegal procedure rule is not in place. If the game looks to be overrunning, we’ll distribute chess clocks
- As inducements, the Master Chef for Halflings (100k) and bribes (50k) for Goblins are allowed
- Tier 3 teams may have a single Star Player
- After ever round there is complete resurrection, no casualties and no spp are applied.

Special Rule: Kickoff result 9 and 4 (Quick Snap and Perfect Defence) are replaced by Avalanche.

As we’re playing in Switzerland, the Avalanche danger is severe. The Blood bowl Pitch is hit by a huge avalanche at kickoff. Roll a D8 dice and move all players (attack and defense) one field into that direction. Players moved off the pitch suffer a normal casualty roll as if they were pushed off the pitch.

Bloody Regards, 

Markus (Jokaero) und Alex (Strider84)

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Re: Cheesebowl 20 et 21 septembre 2014 Lucerne

Message  Le Troll le Ven 12 Sep 2014, 16:19


Salut tout le monde, pour l'instant il y a Phifoe, Goss et moi qui vont participer. Est-ce qu'il a qqn d'autre qui serra partent?

Le Troll

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